Forging hope one adventure at a time.


           Cooperative storytelling games, or role-playing games, come in many different forms, but the concept is always the same.  Players create and control characters within a story that they themselves help to write through their choices, actions, victories and defeats. Another player acts as the Game Master (GM) or narrator of the story, and is charged with challenging the players and constructing the stage upon which their heroes' deeds will take place.  The most well known role-playing game - Dungeons and Dragons - features ancient medieval worlds, arcane magics, and fantastical beasts; but that's just one possible setting. Tabletop role-playing games span nearly every genre imaginable, and come in varying levels of complexities and required investment. No matter the system or setting, role-playing games are incredibly fun above all else! In addition to their rewarding nature of play, role-playing games also provide a multitude of social, intellectual, and creative benefits.

          For these reasons, we believe cooperative storytelling makes for an incredibly powerful past-time; both as a form of wholesome entertainment and an alternative educational medium.  We wish to share these amazing games with area youth (with a focus on at-risk youth); breaking down socio-economic boundaries and bringing folks together under a banner of fun, adventure, equality, and friendship!

          The Heroes’ Guild is both the name of our after school program, as well as a benevolent organization tucked inside of a custom fantasy world we’ve created with young explorers in mind.  All of the player-characters (PC’s) are members of the guild, and are tasked with going good across the realm. They follow a hero's creed that includes protecting the innocent, helping those in need, sharing knowledge, seeking justice rather than vengeance, and calling for peace before violence. A moral imperative is enforced at the table, as GM’s remind players that they are heroes, and must act accordingly. Players advance from squire to knighthood as the story continues, earning custom designed merit badges to show proficiency within the game, and ending in a knighting ceremony where each player is given a “sir/lady name” and a title.

          Each Heroes’ Guild story takes place in a “home-brewed” setting our Game Masters have dreamed up and constructed from scratch. We create a map of the world, populate it with interesting locations, colorful characters, and dangerous monsters, and assign missions for players to venture on from week to week.  While the guild may have players of a range of ages (6-16), all heroes are of equivalent power and abilities despite gaming system or level of experience with the game. All heroes are members of the same team, and must work together to overcome the greatest obstacles in their paths. This is emphasized during our season finales, epic skirmishes against “mega bosses” that all of the tables battle against, adding to the feeling of inclusivity, despite the game’s exclusive nature.