Whether it's for your kiddos birthday party, a group of adults in search of a new hobby, bachelorettes seeking a final dangerous mission, or parents looking to learn the craft of role-playing, our private sessions offer everything you need to experience cooperative-storytelling at it's finest. Just bring your imagination, we'll bring everything else.


World Class Terrain*

Immerse yourself in a lands of legends with the aid of the world's finest 3d tabletop terrain by Dwarven Forge. Along with a host of other accessories, you'll know just what rock to sneak behind, and where to hurl a fireball.


Tailored Gaming Space*

Come to my home and seat the "Table of Tales", a table made from a castle door and wagon wheels. Experience the aromas of adventure with Cantrip Candles, and the sounds of suspense with our hand-picked playlists.


An army of Miniatures*

No matter what character you choose to play or monster you deign to battle - we've got it covered - from dwarf warrior to other-worldly abberation. Black-pudding got you grappled? We've got just the mini for that.

*3d terrain, gaming space, and full access to miniatures available upon booking with the GM Host option below.


Campaign / Adventure options:

  • Pre-built Campaign / Adventure: For a pre-built module our rate is $150 per four hour episode, with room for 3-6 players (not including myself).  That price includes 4 hours of play, 1 hour of prep, and travel time/cost (Limited to the greater Nashville area)  we would bring 100% of the supplies necessary to play (All the necessary books, DM screen, maps, markers, pencils, dice, miniatures, custom soundtracks, portable speaker, character sheets, quick reference guides). Most importantly it includes our vast experience at playing and storytelling, and specific expertise in teaching these games to all-ages of people.

Why choose this option? The majority of the heavy work has been done when running a module. Monsters are built, maps are illustrated, an entire story and setting has been fleshed out for characters to explore, making a module cheaper than a Home-brewed game. The disadvantage is that the story and the characters are somewhat per-determined, and have to plug into one-another. If someone were interested in GMing afterward to continue the story, it would be very easy to hand it off to him or her.

  • Home-brewed Campaign: For a custom game, our rate is $200 per four hour episode, and includes everything from the pre-built option. The increased rate covers the additional hours needed to build you a story of danger and excitement, and to set the stage for your character's heroism to take place. In our minds, nothing beats a great "home-brewed" game.  This is how my weekly table of veterans Material Components plays all of our RPG's, and is where we are able to bring our full capabilities as Game Masters to bare for all at the table to enjoy! In order to run a home-brewed game, a Character-Building Session may be necessary. SPECIAL: Book a full month and I'll help you build characters for free!

Why choose this option? The advantages of a custom game are the flexibility of storytelling and greater opportunity for cooperative world-building and character building.  We will write the story around your character's motivations, goals, and aspirations, rather than just running what's in a book. With some work from an incoming GM, a custom story could also be handed off, allowing them to take the adventure in their own direction.

Length of Campaign / Booking:

  • Single episode basis: we cram all of the knowledge, learning, danger and mysteries into a single four-hour action packed session. Players will experience most of the elements of the system in a single episode of play including combats and social encounters. This option is perfect for birthday parties, bachelor / bachelorette parties, team-building events, and more. ($150 pre-built, $200 home-brewed)
  • 4 episodes / 1 month: With one month players would experience leveling up characters, continuing a story from week to week, and would increase their depth and breadth of knowledge of playing (or running) the game. We will aim to wrap up a moderate story arc in this time; so the players and characters see the impact of their heroism, and resolution for their actions. This is the minimum amount of time recommended for a table wanting to continue their experience of playing, and specifically, running their own story. ($600 pre-built, $800 home-brewed)

SPECIAL: Booking 1 month of play gives the party 1 free bonus session of either the Character-building Night, or Game Master Hand-off. That's $100 value!

  • 8 episodes / 2 months: Over the course of two months, both players and incoming GM's should come to feel comfortable with their roles at the table, and are now fully prepared to teach the game to others. We will have imparted all of our wisdom to the group, and stressed the core elements of cooperative storytelling.  The party will have overcome great obstacles by this time, and will have carved out their own legends in a world of myth and magic. ($1,200 pre-built, $1,600 home-brewed)

SPECIAL: Booking 2 months of play give the party 2 free bonus sessions; both the Character-building Night, and the Game Master Hand-off. That's $200 value!

  • Ongoing-Campaign: Booked in monthly increments, and with a general length of time pre-determined (so we know how long to aim for in completing the story / arc).

SPECIAL: Save 10% by booking 3 months; Save 15% by booking 6 months or more

Considerations / Add-on Sessions:

  • Location: There are two options for where the game can take place; either you host, or we do!

You Host: We bring the game to you (in the greater Nashville area), and we'll provide everything needed (books, minis, resources). The only thing we'll need from you is a table and as many chairs as we have players +1 for the GM.

GM Host: Alternatively we can host game at Guild Master Josh's house, upon the epic Table of Tales, and using the freed-up "travel time" to instead build impressive gaming setups using 3d gaming tiles for increased immersion.

  • Character-building Session: We also offer a four hour session to get into the nitty-gritty of the character building process. We guide players through the steps of making a character where every choice is up to them; age, gender, race, class, background, abilities, spells... so on.  More importantly, we start to flesh out who their character is as a person. Beyond even their personality, ideals, and bonds; what is their motivation in the current story.  What goal has the character set for themselves? What thing - if put in the path of the character - would steer them in a new direction?  The true goal of playing D&D is not to "slay the monsters and take their loot", but it is to "play your character". Before you learn HOW to play a character, you need to know WHO the character is. ($100 for this four hour session)

NOTE: This session is recommended for a Home-brewed Campaign, but can be FREE if booking 1 month or more.

  • Game-Master Hand-off: A four-hour 1-on-1 session with your future Game Master. We answer any and all questions they have come up with over the playing/grooming process.  We'll pass off any notes, sub-plots, and character considerations in play, and fully catch them up to speed on the plot of the ongoing campaign. ($100 for this four hour session)

NOTE: This step is recommended for a Home-brewed Campaign, and can be FREE if booking 1 month or more.


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