It all started when…

Guild Founder Josh Unruh decided he needed to do some good for his local community. Following his bliss, and knowing how important role-playing games were to his early development, Josh dreamed of a program built to introduce kids to role-playing games; enriching their minds, creativity, friendships, and morality through guided cooperative play.

Next, he asked his closest friends - the players of his own weekly Dungeons and Dragons group - what they thought of the idea, and if anyone would be interested in helping. Their excitement and eagerness became the wind in his sails to see the idea through to fruition. After a successful GoFundMe campaign in the fall of 2016, the guild was officially formed.

Over the following three seasons Josh and his volunteer game masters have introduced over 150 kids in the Nashville area (and beyond) to role-playing games. They've given their time and energy to become a force for good in their community, and to become role-models for the youth they lovingly serve. They've helped young heroes overcome their nightmares and discover unknown wells of bravery. They've focused hyper-active bodies into fervent minds begging their parents for 300 page text books for their next birthday.  They've put the theory of role-playing as an alternative educational medium to the test, and the results are conclusive. This really works.

Now, they're ready to take on the next crew of recruits. Those in search of valor, purpose, and service to a higher cause.